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Change is Always Possible

You Want to Live Life to the Fullest

I can help you succeed…

My mission is to provide you with a safe and relaxing environment that encourages healing and growth. I want to help motivate you to explore your sense of self, aspirations, and plans for the future.

You “CAN” Be A Better You.

You “DO Deserve Peace, Love, and Happiness.

You “CAN Enjoy Life Again.

When you can process your thoughts, respond appropriately, and be at peace with yourself and the outcome, you will know that it is time to soar on your own.

I am committed to helping you solve your problems and get your life where you want it to be!

Below are some of the available services I provide…

Online Therapy

If you’re struggling with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or relationship problems, you’re not alone. Whether your mental health or relationship problems are recent or have existed for years, online therapy can help…

I am interested in online therapy

Life Coaching

Getting where you want to be in life may be challenging. BUT it’s NOT impossible. If you’re determined to achieve the happiness and success that you deserve, coaching can be transformational…

I am interested in life coaching

Clinical Supervision

Thinking about all you have to do to become licensed can be overwhelming!  As your Social Work Supervisor, I’ll help make the process of getting licensed as easy as can be while helping you become the best Social Worker you can be smoothly and confidentially…

I am interested in clinical supervision

You Can Take Back Control of Your Life

I am a skilled therapist who will listen to you without passing judgment. For more than 8 years I have helped clients just like you learn to cope with the debilitating effects of depression and anxiety and accomplish life and professional goals. My unique brand of services focuses on the health and well-being of the whole patient.

Together, we’ll work to resolve your problems.

I will assist you in discovering new coping mechanisms, so you can overcome your challenges, pain, and fears. I’ll help you master communication, so that you have a better relationship with yourself and others.

You’ll feel calmer and more in control.

With determination and guidance you can develop the strength and confidence to move forward with your head held high. You can have a new love for your own special gifts and place in the world.

Customized Services to Meet Your Unique Needs

My name is Dr. April E. Stewart, and I specialize in integrated services that focuses on the whole patient.

I will listen to you thoroughly so that I have a clear understanding of your problems, needs, and desires. While my clients have similar problems, it is important that your services are individualized to meet your specific needs and goals.

I will use my expertise and experiences to aid you in your mission of problem-solving, developing healthy habits, and creating the happiness you seek.

 We’ll work in whatever way that works best for you.

You have the power within you to do all of these things. I can teach you to unlock it.

 Walk away with powerful new tools to:

I am dedicated to giving you the tools and support you need to heal and grow into a life you love… a life where you take control.

To be whole for one-self, is to be whole for others

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