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Achieve Lasting Self-Acceptance, Fulfillment, and Success

Online Life Coaching for Millennial Women of Color

As a black woman in your 20’s 30s, 40s, or more, you’re all too aware of the obstacles that interfere with achieving your life goals.

There are many barriers that you face both as a woman and as a black woman. While racism and sexism may be the most prominent challenges that you experience, there are several others.

It’s easy to get discouraged or scale back your goals believing there’s a limit to what you can achieve in life. You might lower your expectations of what’s possible for yourself.

On the other hand, you may have achieved a lot but suffer from “imposter syndrome” – the belief that you’re not worthy of your success and fear that people will discover your secret – that you’re a fraud.

While the challenges you face are difficult to work your way through, IT IS POSSIBLE with the help of a female coach of color.

Obstacles That You May Experience as a
Woman of Color:

  • Experience discrimination or harassment at college or work
  • Feel stuck in a rut
  • Dissatisfied with your work
  • Stalled in your career – not getting the promotions you deserve and desire
  • Blocked creativity and limited stamina
  • Feel unworthy despite your achievements
  • Have negative beliefs and habits that hold you back
  • In a relationship that is unsatisfying or unhealthy
  • Feel discouraged about your future

Coaching Can Provide the Shortest Path to Achieving Your Goals

I’ll help you remove blocks that are holding you back. We’ll dig deep to uncover them so you can be rid of them once and for all.

I’ll encourage you to think BIG about what you want in life and what you truly deserve.

We’ll set goals that lead you towards achieving your full potential.

You’ll have more joy, abundance and meaning in your life.

You’ll FINALLY be on track to having the life you may have only dreamed was possible.

Here is How Online Coaching with Me Can Help

As an Experienced Black Therapist, Coach, and Mentor– I Know What it Takes to Succeed

I’m a recognized leader in my field with a Master’s in Social Work and a Ph.D. in Human Services. I’ve accomplished a lot in the past few decades.

I’ve held positions in mental health agencies and companies and started a private therapy practice.

I’m an Adjunct University Professor, have held numerous volunteer positions in my community and mentored many young African American women.

Has my life been easy?

Not a bit.

I’ve achieved a lot in my life despite the triple threat of being young, female and black.

My determination and the support I’ve received from several mentors gave me the courage to never give up. I’ve pushed forward even when I felt like I didn’t have it in me to go any further.

It doesn’t matter what hurdles you have to get over. With my compassionate and attuned coaching skills, I’m committed to showing you the way.

Getting where you want to be in life may be challenging. BUT it’s NOT impossible.

It’s ALWAYS possible.

If you're determined to achieve the happiness and success that you deserve, coaching can be transformational.

Ready to buckle up and get to work?

If so, let's get started...

Let’s hop on a 15-minute consultation. You can tell me your goals, and I’ll let you know what to expect from online coaching.

Individual sessions or monthly packages are available.